Roger’s Sports and Fitness Blog

Hello everyone, My name is Roger and this is my sporting blog, Sporty Hythe. I used to work as a sports writer for my hometown newspaper until I moved to the big city and have been looking for a good outlet for my creativity ever since. I was used to covering the local football matches when I was writing for the paper so I think that will be a major part of this blog, although it will be a lot more Premier league matches and not the local beer league teams (although those are still amazing).
My parents and coaches used to tell me I was a natural athlete, and I believed them until I started competing at a higher level in my teens and stopped growing. Sometimes you just get to a point where you realize that you can’t compete at a high level, and rather than blaming it on something that you can’t really control (ie height) I found it better to take a step back from sports and focus on other aspects, leading me to writing for the paper  which lead me to here. I hope that you enjoy all the things I post, and thanks again for checking us out!