MLS Heats Up

Hey you beautiful guys and gals, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Thanks you to our regular readers for coming back, and to the new readers welcome! Major League Soccer is becoming more and more popular in the United States and Canada, and an impressive win by FC Dallas over the ever popular LA Galaxy is set to make the league an even bigger competition this year. This is after an impressive preseason by Dallas and a very impressive season last year that saw the team capture the Supporters Shield and the US Open Cup. This year they are expected to compete for the one major title the missed last year, the MLS Cup. After the showing they had against Galaxy last week, they seem to be worthy of such rumors.


While Dallas did not dominate the game in the way someone expected to be in the championship is supposed to, they manages to have a strong game against an equally strong opponent. LA did have a fairly sizeable possession advantage throughout the game, but that make the 2-1 victory over the Galaxy even more impressive. Dallas also managed this win despite not having playmaker Mauro Diaz thanks to Achilles Tendon surgery and keeping his replacement Javier Morales on the bench after he played all 90 minutes during the team’s CCL encounter on Wednesday.  How do you guys think FC Dallas will do this year in MLS? I normally like to cheer for Toronto FC but if Dallas is able to keep the Galaxy from dominating every year I will happily cheer them on. Hope you all enjoyed this piece, and be sure to be here next week for our new post.


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