Aussie Rules Football

Aussie Rules Football

Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Have any of you guys ever hear of Australian Rules Football? This is a contact sport played in Australia between two teams of up to eighteen players on an oval shaped pitch of varying size. I say of varying size because the only thing that actually dictates field size is well, how big the field is. I asked some Australian friends about it and they had no clue either! The scoring is Aussie Rules, or Footy, is a mix between scoring a try in rugby and a kick. Players must kick the balle between two tall goal posts on either end of the field. And did I mention that the ball looks like an coloured ostrich egg?


The game seems like a mix between rugby and american football, with players able to go anywhere on the field and use any part of their body to move the ball. There are some strange rules involving ball handling, like any ball carrier must touch or bounce the ball of the ground intermittently. In recent years the rules regarding contact such as interfering with a player catching a kick or pushing opponents in the back have been ramped up and are now discourage with a free kick.  The game still features high scoring, frequent and intense physical contests and fast moving players. Australian football is the biggest sport in the country, and the only fully professional Aussie Football competition, the AFL, is the wealthiest sporting body in Australia. The Grand Finals every year in Melbourne is the most attended club championship event in the world pulling in almost 100,000 fans.  
Aussie Football Rules Players

The Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Hey everyone, I would like to welcome you all back to my sports and fitness blog. I am going to be trying out for an adult soccer team near me next week, and I hope to make the team as the goalkeeper. I really don’t like playing soccer at all, but if I play goalkeeper it isn’t too bad as I get to stand around for most of the match. It’s been years since I’ve played, so I went over to and took a look at the best goalkeepers gloves they have. I ended up buying a couple pairs to try out myself since they were cheap enough to try them all. Take a look at my findings below for the next time you are in the market for goalkeeper gloves.

Umbro Goalkeeper Gloves

I had never heard of Umbro before, so I talked to my friend who plays in MLS about them and he raved for 10 minutes about how amazing they are. I bought a pretty cheap pair online at and so far they are pretty good. The seams don’t feel fragile, the leather is strong enough to protect your hands and the straps don’t move around too much. The only issue I have is that the leather might actually be too strong, as it can be difficult to move your fingers around. I also love the colors, these are vibrant enough for fans to see on the sidelines.

 Umbro Goalkeeper Gloves

Adidas Goalkeeper Gloves

Now these are gloves that I recognize. I have worn Adidas clothing and sports equipment my whole life, so I felt pretty comfortable wearing these gloves. When I was looking at some cheap Adidas gloves at I saw so many different types of gloves that I almost didn’t know what one to choose, so I found some reviews at that has helped me pick the ones for me. I chose the Pro Gloves, which have a great snug fit and some very sticky points to help catch the ball better.

 Adidas Gloves

Nike Goalkeeper Gloves

Now I really didn’t think I needed to get Nike gloves to try out, but after seeing the sweet ones that Arsenal’s goalkeeper was wearing I had to check them out. They are pretty amazing gloves, but personally I think that they are too thin to be used in a large field game. I tried them out with a friend who has a pretty big leg and my hands were blistered after just 25 minutes. So the gloves look sexy, but they don’t work as well.

 Nike Goalkeeper Gloves

Any Others?

Are there any soccer aficionados out there that think I missed some great goalkeeper gloves? If so, be sure to leave a comment below and tell me what I should be looking at. I hope you all enjoyed this post today, I really enjoyed writing it and testing all these gloves out. I am off for a bit more training right now, so I will speak to you all again soon. Have a great day.

MLS Heats Up

Hey you beautiful guys and gals, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Thanks you to our regular readers for coming back, and to the new readers welcome! Major League Soccer is becoming more and more popular in the United States and Canada, and an impressive win by FC Dallas over the ever popular LA Galaxy is set to make the league an even bigger competition this year. This is after an impressive preseason by Dallas and a very impressive season last year that saw the team capture the Supporters Shield and the US Open Cup. This year they are expected to compete for the one major title the missed last year, the MLS Cup. After the showing they had against Galaxy last week, they seem to be worthy of such rumors.


While Dallas did not dominate the game in the way someone expected to be in the championship is supposed to, they manages to have a strong game against an equally strong opponent. LA did have a fairly sizeable possession advantage throughout the game, but that make the 2-1 victory over the Galaxy even more impressive. Dallas also managed this win despite not having playmaker Mauro Diaz thanks to Achilles Tendon surgery and keeping his replacement Javier Morales on the bench after he played all 90 minutes during the team’s CCL encounter on Wednesday.  How do you guys think FC Dallas will do this year in MLS? I normally like to cheer for Toronto FC but if Dallas is able to keep the Galaxy from dominating every year I will happily cheer them on. Hope you all enjoyed this piece, and be sure to be here next week for our new post.


MLS FC Dallas Logo

Sanchez to Leave Arsenal

Hello lads and lasses welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. I got a bit of news for you today out of the Premiere Leagues- Is it all over for Alesix Sanchez and Arsenal? It seems like it might be , after the Chilean international is on his way out after some heated battles with Arsene Wenger. Wenger decided to bench Sanchez, the Gunners top scorer during the team’s Saturday defeat at the hands of Liverpool and only brought him in after the game was decided in the second half. Sanchez has made it fairly clear that he wants out, and it seems that the French team Paris Saint Germain would be the leading candidates for a new contract.

It seems this is has been in the works for a while, ever since the 5-1 thrashing at Bayern Munich. Wenger thinks the moe will benefit the squad, who even though they will be losing their top scorer will hopefully gain more harmony in the dressing room. Wenger claims the forwards attitude in training has been questionable at most, and that Sanchez has become increasingly difficult to manage. Sanchez’s current contract will expire this summer and reports have mentioned a new deal worth 180,000 pounds a week  from Arsenal, where as Paris Saint-Germain is rumored to be offering around 300,000 a week. Judging by Sanchez’s statements earlier this week it seems unlikely that he will accept the offer from Arsenal, And although Paris Saint-Germain is the front-runner Juventus and Atletico Madrid are also reportedly in contract talks with the 28 year old forward. Who he does sign with is still up in the air, but don’t expect him to be in red and white next year.

Sanchez Arsenal

Roger’s Sports and Fitness Blog

Hello everyone, My name is Roger and this is my sporting blog, Sporty Hythe. I used to work as a sports writer for my hometown newspaper until I moved to the big city and have been looking for a good outlet for my creativity ever since. I was used to covering the local football matches when I was writing for the paper so I think that will be a major part of this blog, although it will be a lot more Premier league matches and not the local beer league teams (although those are still amazing).
My parents and coaches used to tell me I was a natural athlete, and I believed them until I started competing at a higher level in my teens and stopped growing. Sometimes you just get to a point where you realize that you can’t compete at a high level, and rather than blaming it on something that you can’t really control (ie height) I found it better to take a step back from sports and focus on other aspects, leading me to writing for the paper  which lead me to here. I hope that you enjoy all the things I post, and thanks again for checking us out!